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  • Send me a few lines about yourself, your particular wishes, fantasies, your location, possible dates and desired duration of our meeting

  • Show respect, appreciation and courtesy

  • If you wish to make me happy, gift me a beautiful silk garment. Silk is so close to my heart for it resembles its softness and delicacy ♥

  • Feel free to share with me what you have never dared to share before. I love to be surprised and I dare you to shock me. I am listening with pure curiosity and no judgement. x


  • Don’t insult me with requests for practices not involving protection against STI's. I am neither available for quickies or unpaid dates/texting


  • Don’t just say "Hi" in your first message

  • Don’t call straightaway. If you want to hear my voice, reach out via WhatsApp, Telegram or Email. We can schedule a call for a time which suits us both

  • Don’t ask for free pictures. I have spent a lot of precious time on each of these words and images which you are enjoying for free. Unless you want to purchase my exclusive erotic content, the available galleries are all I got for you, my dear ♥

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