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Welcome love, 

This is your portal back to Heaven 🐚

Let yourself be swept by this juicy mysterious current. And do not let my innocent gaze fool you! As much as an Angel, I also am a Divine Trickster, a Fiery Goddess, a Devouring Serpent and an Irresistible Pomegranate. 


But first and foremost, I am a Lover. Wild and graceful. My mission is to remind you of how lovable and desirable you are. 


Don’t ask me for my list of services. There is no list. I’m not a cafe. I am a devotee of love and beauty. 

Let’s get curious together about the shape and form our meeting truly wants to take. Let’s be danced by the unknown. You might be surprised by what you find to be truly and deeply of service to you..

I speak many love languages- 

be it a conscious dominatrix, 

a genderqueer shapeshifter- passionate to explore the wide spectrum of who you are, 

a patient guide into your first intimate or kinky explorations, 

a psychic playmate for journeys into sacred sexuality,

a fun exhibitionistic performer in your own naughty little secret movie, 

a deep oceanic current, playfully shedding your shells,

or a sensual warm-hearted girlfriend to soothe a lonely night..

​Can you feel the tingle? The sacred ache at the core of your cock or womb? Your tender longing?


You are welcomed here. 🤍


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